200x180-chillzoneDJ/Show Name: The Chill Zone

Show Bio: Blues, Ambient/Electronic and Prog Rock and anything that chills me out

Time on Air: Monday 14:00-17:00

Quick Linktbfm.uk/djbazza

200x180-outside-viewDJ/Show Name: Outside View

Show Bio: From Glam thru Punk/New Wave thru Ska/Two-Tone to New Romantic, the beginnings of Indie and anything else that takes my fancy from way back when!

Time on Air: Tuesday 14:00-16:00

Quick Linktbfm.uk/djbazza

200x180-earthcallingDJ/Show Name: Earth Calling

Show Bio: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Prog and anything weird

Time on Air: Wednesday 14:00-17:00

Quick Linktbfm.uk/djbazza



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