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1 year ago we were talking about the buzz behind the hashtag #tbfmisevolving which was as we revealed our first logo redesign in over 6 years. The new improved skull design took quite a bit of work before it was made to our liking by Very Metal Art. After several mock-ups we were delighted with the design and the re-branding of TBFM over the past year has been amazing.

During a conversation recently, we wanted to re-vitalise the logo for a limited edition t-shirt. TBFM makes very little money from merchandise but what we do make goes back into the station costs for servers, domains, PRS and PPL licenses and a lot more besides.

So we went back through some of the alternative styles that were put to us a year ago and then had a play about with one of them to come up with something special to bring us into 2017. We are extremely pleased with what we have to reveal to you and we hope that many fans and bands will buy one or two of the designs we have available.

As a pre-Christmas bargain we will be offering the t-shirts at a special £10 each (plus postage). There is a very strict limit on these special design t-shirts so to grab one for Christmas you need to be quick.

*the colour may vary slightly due to the printing

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Video from Merchedicinal of the t-shirts being made:

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