About Us

Established in 2009,  TBFM or ‘The Best For Music’ (Total Biker FM as it was then known) was set up to accommodate both the biking community and those who love rock, punk and metal music.  The station gained widespread popularity at the end of 2009 following the success of the “Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number 1” campaign on Facebook and the stations involvement in the promotion of this as well as organising fundraising events contributing towards the £100,000+ raised for Shelter over the Christmas period.

TBFM has held numerous charity events, attended many bike rallies and rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest rock stars, covering events such as Sonisphere, Download, MAGs Farmyard Party, Hammerfest and Bloodstock.  The station has already attracted famous names including Fear Factory, Lacuna Coil, Europe, Skindred, Paradise Lost, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Machine Head, Megadeth and many more for interviews on air!

Not only has TBFM attracted the famous names, we also dedicate a lot of time to unsigned bands and have gained a reputation we are extremely proud of as one of the best radio stations to discover new talent.  As such we are in contact with thousands of unsigned bands and are able to source bands for rallies and festivals.

In May 2012, we officially re-branded the station with the new name “TBFM Online”. Dropping the word “Biker” from our name has not changed the ethos of the station at all, but it has helped us to reach out to more like-minded music fans than ever before! We have around 30 DJ’s bringing shows to you Live for more than 12 hours a day. Not many internet radio stations can boast that many hours of live DJ interaction, especially with no commercial-break interruptions!

We also broadcast many festivals Live on our station including, in 2012, MAGs Farmyard Party, Hammerfest, Billing Bike Show, The AC/DC Convention, Twitrfest and many more.

If you haven’t yet listened to one of our shows, be sure to tune in and tell all your friends.  We guarantee no annoying radio adverts – ever!

You can enjoy TBFM when you are out and about via the free radio app called TUNEIN. Download this app for free for your Android or iPhone and then simply search “TBFM”.

You can read more about the history of TBFM via our presentation website at www.tbfmonline.info

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