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What our listeners have to say about TBFM…

Lovin all the tunes, forgot how much undiscovered talent we have!!  … What could be better, for bikers ,by bikers, kick ass tunes,beer and good mates. All is right in the world
– Tel D

The station is so refreshing compared to the ‘same old same old’ that Rock Radio and other commercial rock stations offer up!
– Jay, Jay B Promotions

Cheers for trying to support the unsigned scene in this country … Programs like your show and promotion like this is a huge help to bands like ourselves and we are very greatful.
– Nick, New Dawn

“What a great idea for a station, classic tunes and you are not afraid to play unsigned talent. Glad we found you, this place is awesome.”
Jayne F

I haven’t tuned in to any other station since TBFM went on air!!! Awesome tunes and great DJ’s, always ready to play what we want to hear!
Ninja aka Sharon S

“TBFM rocks my socks of every freakin night…they have a great mix of music inthe alternative genre of things…keep on rocking guys!”
John M

“TBFM is awesome.. they support unsigned talent like no other, and play the best tunes. They are fun,and u can have a laugh in the chat room with them. if carlsberg did…”
– Jeff, Terasunda

About time, a station 4 the true and faithful
– Stephen C

This station rocks! Want a request that won’t get ignored like that DAB station we all know about?  Well, come here instead, it’s ace!! … At last! a station that listens to its listeners.  Just what I always wanted!
– Andy H

Love this station !
– Lauren W

What I really love about TBFM is not just the fact that you play seriously good Classic Rock and Metal, but you select and share the best lesser well known album tracks as well as the big hits!
Claire, Claire Cameron Band

– Jessica-Lyn M

I love this station, it plays music that I know and love as well as new music that I need to hear. There is never a stale day on here, keep up the good work.
– Jayne C

This is a damm fine station,,,,,,,,,,, I’ve been adding it to all our pages !!!!!!
– Steve J

Wow, someone just sent me this link. Bikers with their own radio station, there goes the fucking neighborhood.. LOL I love it.
Jimbo, Dago, CA

– Carla T

Definitely a new convert to Total Biker FM and I come from a family of Bikers too! They’ll all hear about it…
– Jamie T

Excellent station, well worth staying up for, there is some awesome talent out there!!
– Linda D

– Mandi S

Screw that soft ass kerrang “music with no attitude” station TBFM is the station for meeeee !!!!
– Tel D

Good tunes on ere peeps … keep up the good music coming
– Barrie H

What a top radio station … and a rather large round of applause to DJ MUCKA JAY and his Mankini
– Helen Lonsdale Robinson, Ex Simple Minds (XSM) Manager

Please tune in to these guys – they’re carrying the torch for punk/rock/metal 24/7 \m/
– Ingrid R

“This is a GREAT station…DJ’s are awesome…excellent tunes!!”
– Kat S

Guys! You do an amazing job! Really! You seem to be getting everything right, all the bands sound cool! And what you are doing here and the way in which it works is such a great idea! Thank you! Big time!
– Daniel, The Mercy House

it is the first time i have listened to your station and you have got me in stiches you’s are great and the music is not so bad either
– Andrea L

Discovered Total Biker FM on Bikermatch …. loving it already … two huge .. but not too huge … thumbs up … keep rockin’ Jay 🙂
– Alexandrina R

classic tunes guys loving it!!
– Sam C

Hello guys. I’ve been looking for a good webradio, but it’s too hard to find one that really satisfies us. I’m from Brazil. I’m a biker in love, Motorcycles are my hobby, my life. I lost a great friend these days in a bike crash. With these songs here i can remember him and our good travels over Brazil. Congradulations for the set list, great work! keep yourselves like this! Hug from a Brazilian friend, PC!
– Paulo C

Total Biker Fm, its the muts nuts!!!!!
Matt B

“I live in a small room at a university in New Zealand. I’ve brought a 2m long Aux cable and re-arranged my room so I can listen to TBFM loud enough to get some serious complaints!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!… I love it how you have thousands of listeners and every one of them can approach you and ask for requests.”
– Hayden

Thank god i found TBFM! was so bored of that kerrang shit this is way better 🙂
Erin D

Why the heck does anyone listen to any other “rock” station Kerplanet rawk = bunch of ARSE !!!!! this is bloody marvelous‌
– Steve J

Fab music! Fab guys and girls in the chatroom! what more could a mad, pink haired, rock playing biker babe ask for?? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Lucille F

You know, Mucka is the only Dj I have ever heard who can make a fart joke into his intro. There is a reason why I love this station so much. I love fart jokes and great music.
– SVWoman aka Jayne C

Thanks for tuning in!  We appreciate your feedback and we will add some each month to the website and our magazine!

What a great idea for a station, classic tunes and you are not afraid to play
unsigned talent. Glad we found you, this place is awesome.

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